WiFi accessibility to employees and guests without compromising their internal network.

Main Benefits

Here are some reasons to invest in a wireless presentation system



Many users can connect to our wireless presentation system, collaborative or open forum presentations are much more seamless. Employees can connect their devices to the system and take turns and toggle between devices with ease.

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Our wireless presenter is available as a mobile unit, making it ideal for sales staff to use when presenting to new clients. The system is lightweight and user friendly, and the seamless integrated technology is sure to impress your clients.

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The wireless presentation system connects with any computer or smart mobile device, meaning that no matter what devices your employees have, or what AV equipment is installed in your meeting room, the system will still work perfectly.

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When you are using our wireless presenter, any room can be turned into a meeting room with AV capabilities – eliminating the problems faced by having to share just one expensive conference room. 

Wireless Presentation System for Business

GAV MGMT Provides secure wired and wireless presentation in lounges, lobbies, and open spaces, and integrates with popular calendaring platforms. Easy to deploy and manage, increases workflow, and facilitates collaboration by turning underutilized spaces into productive meeting spaces.

Latest Projects

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