Video Wall


Main Benefits

Below are some of the benefits that are delivered for video wall processing systems

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Display any content you create at any resolution onto any screen or group of screens from video walls and LED walls to single LCD screens and smart displays.



Manage and centrally control content and displays through a browser. Check uptime and status, get reports, set permission levels and interact with displays in real time.

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With our streaming technology, ensure compatibility for all your applications. You are not only solving your problems today, but your needs for the future.

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Reduce bandwidth consumption. Failover option ensures that there is no single point of failure in any deployment, reducing the risk of downtime.

Any content, anywhere, any time at any resolution on any screen

Create unique experiences using any kind of screens while keeping universal compatibility.

No more apps everything centrally managed from a browser.

Open environment for freedom with content creation tools. Eliminate downtime and minimize bandwidth. Store media locally using built-in storage on smart displays.

Latest Projects

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